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All Grobmans are invited to use this page to post a brief biography and as a portal to their own websites. In addition to sending in your bios, photos and links, you can send PDFs with Grobman historical information (family trees, resumes or vitae, scans of historical records, etc.) and I can link those to this website. I know many of us are curious to see if/how we are related.

I found most of this information on Facebook, LinkedIn or other sites available to the public. If you are listed here and don’t want to be, let me know and I’ll remove your name and/or information.

Please respond in the “comment” box with corrections, additions, links to be posted, fascinating Grobman stories, etc. (Putting “Grobman” in the message content helps me quickly sort out spam.) At the least, for each Grobman (including deceased) I would like to get:

  • correct spelling of name
  • birth/death years
  • current city
  • occupation
  • birth city
  • names of relatives and how related
  • photo(s)

I read messages before they are posted, so if you don’t want yours posted here, just let me know.


Beth 2011

Beth Grobman


Aaron Grobman, Queretaro, Mexico

Adam Grobman, University Park, Pennsylvania

Adam Grobman

Adriana Grobman Tamborlin

Adriano Aripol Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Alan Grobman, Atlanta, Georgia

Alan Grobman, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, Ownder ALECORP, INC.

Alan Grobman, Phoenix, Arizona, Physician

André Grobman

Andrej Grobman

Ann Grobman

Anna Grobman

Anne Grobman, Greater Philadelphia area, Administrative Assistant for AstraZeneca

Axel Grobman Garland

Alex Grobman, Houston TX area, Owner Ethano Peru

Alex Grobman, NYC area, Executive Director at America Israel Friendship League

Alex Grobman, San Francisco Bay Area, CSR at Premier Staffing

Alex Grobman, Tel Aviv, Israel

Alex Grobman, Weston FL

Alexander Grobman, Austin TX area, Senior Verification at Freescale Semiconductor

Alexander Grobman

Alexandra Grobman, NYC area, Individual Giving and Special Events Assistant at StoryCorps

Allen Grobman

Alice Grobman

Alyson Grobman

Anahi Grobman, Tel Aviv, Israel

Andre GrobmanPanama City, Panama

Andrea Moura Grobman, Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

Angela Hansen Grobman, East Bethel or Andover, Minnesota, married to William Grobman, East Bethel, Minnesota

Anna Genovese Grobman Married to Neil Grobman.

Anna Grobman Mergui

Anton Grobman, Seattle, WA, Software Developer at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Anya Grobman

Ariel B. Grobman, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, Physician

Arlene Grobman Farenci, Graphic Designer, New York City

Arlynn Grobman, Greater Philadelphia Area, Director at School District of Philadelphia

Arnold Grobman, Canada

1952 8Arnold Brams Grobman  (1918-2012) b. Newark, NJ. Former Chancellor UMSL, biology professor/herpetologist/author, lived in Gainesville Fl, Boulder CO, Piscataway NJ, St. Louis MO, Virgin Gorda BVI. Married to Hulda Gross Grobman, son of Samuel Herschel Grobman and Sophia Brams Grobman, father to Marc Ross Grobman and Beth Alison Grobman, brother to Marion Grobman Goldich (d). Memorial slide show

Ashlyn Lowdermilk Grobman, Sacramento, CA area, Business Analyst, Intel

Barbara Grobman

Barry Grobman, San Francisco Bay Area, Professor, UCSF Medical Center

Barry Grobman, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Beata Grobman

Beatriz Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bekkie Grobman (Anderson)

Ben Grobman

Ben Grobman, Vienna, Austria

Benjamin Grobman, (1858-1922) – adopted into the Grobman family, husband to Rose Mazure (?-1923), son of Sam Shmuel Schumacher (1845-1903) and Bailla Chonnoritz (1843-?), brother to Jacob (Yaakov) Samuel Grobman (1877-1947) and Sarah Grobman (1885-?), father to Samuel Hershel Grobman  (1885-1985) and Molly Grobman Paul (1886-?)

Bernard Grobman, Greater New York City Area, Musician

Beth57Beth Alison Grobman, Clearlake Oaks, CA. (1950-) Journalism & Mass Communication Professor at De Anza College in Cupertino CA and Editorial Board for the Gainesville Iguana. A sometimes-quilt artist and originator of this web page. b. Gainesville, FL, Lived in Boulder CO, Claremont CA, Eugene OR, Aspen, CO, St. Louis MO, San Jose CA. Mother of David Anthony Burruss, sister of Marc Ross Grobman, daughter of Arnold Brams Grobman (d) and Hulda Gross Grobman (d). Art Quilt webpage

Betty Grobman

Bob Grobman, Moncks Corner, South Carolina, Associate at Booze Allen Hamilton

Bob Grobman, Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Boris Grobman

Brenda Grobman

Brenda Grobman, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Brian Grobman, New York City, Production Assistant at Telepictures

Bruce Grobman, San Francisco Bay Area, Chief Rectifier at paradox Resolutions

Bruno Oliveira Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Carol Grobman, Greater Chicago Area, Owner of House Savers

Carol Grobman Ashe

Casey Grobman, Sacramento, California

Celia Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cheryl Grobman Shur

Chino Grobman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Chris Grobman

Clara Grobman

Cláudia Grobman

Clayton Grobman

Cheryl Grobman Shur, Edmonton Alberta

Chris Grobman, El Sobrante, California

Christina Grobman

Christine Grobman

Christopher Carl Grobman, (b) Dallas, Texas

Clarissa Grobman, Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cleber Grobman, married to Renata Coutinho Lucas Grobman

Craig Grobman, Melville, New York, Physician,

Dan Grobman, Cleveland, Ohio

Daniel Grobman

Dara Grobman

Dana Grobman, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Paris, France

Dan Grobman, Peru

Daniel Grobman

Daniel Grobman, Washington University

Daniel Grobman Machado, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Darcio Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dave Grobman

David Grobman, LA area, IT Engineer at The Spot Encino

David Grobman, Sherman Oaks, CA, Vibe Cafe

Debora Kottler Grobman, New York City, married to Ted Schlissel

Debra Grobman, Greater LA area, Director of Broadcast Branding at Fuze Artz

Deena Grobman Murawski, Jamison Pennsylvania, Professional Organizer,

Diana Grobman

Dianne Grobman Spaulding, Executive Director at NPH, San Francisco

Dima Grobman

Dora Grobman, Toronto, Ontario

Duane Grobman, Orange County, CA area, Executive Coach/Educational Consultant at TEND and Co-Founder/Spiritual Director at GZ Direction Group.

Edward Grobman

Edward Grobman, Russia

Elad Grobman, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Elaine Grobman

Elaine Grobman, Vancouver, British Columbia

Ellen Grobman, Artist

Ellen Grobman, Amherst, Massachusetts

Elena Grobman

Ella Grobman, Sochi, Russia

Emilia Grobman

Ester Grobman, Brazil

Estelle Grobman, Florida

Ethan Grobman, Lima, Peru

Ethan Grobman Garland

Eugene Grobman

Eugene Nepyyvoda Grobman, (1983-), Vinnitsa, Vinnyts’Ka Oblast’, Ukrraine

Evgenia Grobman, Lugansk, Ukraine

Faith Grobman, Fanwood, New Jersey, married to Marc Ross Grobman

Faith Chudnofsky Grobman, Psychologist, Weston Florida, married to Seth Grobman

Fernando Grobman

Flavia Grobman Balat

Frank Grobman

Gabriel Grobman, Herzliya, Israel

Gabriel Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gale Linsenbaum Grobman, Miami Beach, FL, Realtor-Associate at Prudential Florida Realty

Gary M. Grobman, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Gene Grobman, Retired Pharmacist, San Francisco, California

Geri Grobman, New York City

Gerome Grobman, Lima, Peru

Gianlucca Grobman Amato

Gil Grobman

Ginny Brockway Grobman, Egg Harbor City, NY, Lighting Techician and Designer at the Tropicana Casino & Resort.

Grant Grobman, Vancouver, British Columbia

Hans Grobman

Hal Grobman, Bryanston Organic Market

Harley Grobman, Singapore

Heinrich Grobman

Helene Grobman, North Conway, New Hampshire



Heloisa Grobman, Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hulda Gross Grobman  (1920-2006) b. Philadelphia PA. Former public health educator, university professor and horticulturist. Lived in Gainesville Fl, Boulder CO, Piscataway NJ, St. Louis MO, Virgin Gorda BVI. Married to Arnold Brams Grobman, mother to Marc Ross Grobman and Beth Alison Grobman.

Ian Grobman, Israel

Igor Grobman, San Jose, California, software engineer at VMware, married to Sarah Grobman

Igor Grobman, Madison, Wisconsin Area, Computer Software

Illan Grobman, Greater New York City Area, Real Estate

Ilene Grobman

Ilya Grobman, Moscow, Russia

Irina Grobman, Greater NYC area, Co-EP at True Entertainment

Irina Grobman, Toronto, Ontario

Isabella Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Isac Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Iris Folkson (Grobman)

Iuval Lima Grobman, Israel

Jacey Grobman, Trondheim, Norway

Jacob Grobman

James Grobman, Delray Beach, Florida

Jamie Grobman Bernstein, Rockville, MD, sister of Richard Grobman, daughter of Joyce Grobman (d) and Sydney M. Grobman (d)

Janice Grobman

Jason Michael Grobman, Scottsdale, Arizona

Jeff Grobman, Washington D.C. Metro area, Operations Research Analyst at Dept. of Defense at OSD-CAPE

Jeff Grobman, (b)Yorktown Heights, New York

Jennifer Grobman

Jerry Grobman

Jess Grobman, Gainesvillle, Florida

Jessie Grobman

Jewgenij Grobman, Kyiv, Ukraine

Jim Grobman

Joanne Grobman

Joao Ciro Grobman, Santa Barbara d’Oeste

João Danilo Grobman Mandetta, Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

João Marcos Grobman

Jodi Grobman Brunsvold, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Wellington, Florida

Jodi Marks-Grobman, Nassau County, New York

Jodi Pearlstein Grobman, West Chester, Pennsyvania

Jody Grobman

John Grobman


John Grobman, (1954-) Physician at Orthopedic Professional Association, Gilford, New Hampshire

Johnny Grobman, Miami FL, CEO at J Trading LLC

Jordan Grobman

Judith Grobman, Philadelphia area, Customer Service Representative at IRS

Judity Grobman, GOWell Petroleum Equipment Co, Ltd, Xi’an PRC

Julia Grobman, Weston, Florida

Julie Grobman, Sheboygan, Wisconsin area, Mortgage Loan Processor at Community Bank and Trust

Karen Asuras Grobman, Scottsdale, Arizona, Realtor

Kate Grobman

Katerina Grobman, Novosibirsk, Russia

Katie Grobman

Kelly Grobman (Paz), Norfolk Virginia, married to Sean Grobman

Kevin Grobman, Baton Rouge

Kenneth Grobman

Kimberly Grobman, Greater LA area, Artist at Trader Joe’s

Kimber Grobman Quartararo

Kivunim Grobman

Kylie Wagner-Grobman

Larisa Grobman Shriki, Israel

Lati Grobman, Campbell Grobman Films, Los Angeles, California

Laure Grobman, Professor, Paris, France

Laurie Grobman, Wernersville, Pennsylvania, English Professor at Penn State

Lawrence Grobman

Leah Grobman (Piedra)

Leonid Grobman, Columbus OH area, Information Technology & Services Professional

Leslie Grobman Tilles, Princeton, New Jersey

Liana Farming Grobman, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Liana Koton Grobman, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, married to Hal Grobman

Lily Grobman

Lily Grobman, Washington

Limor Grobman

Linda Grobman, Philadelphia, PA, Chief Academic Officer at Nobel Learning Communities Incorporated

Linda Grobman Goodman

Linda Grobman Fleischauer, Greater NYC, Telecommunications Professional

Linda May Grobman, Harrisburg, PA, Publisher/Editor at New Social Worker Magazine

Lindsay Grobman, Physical Therapist

Lindsay Grobman, Hostess at John Thomas Steakhouse, Ithaca, New York

Liran Grobman, Holon, Israel

Lisa Grobman, Calgary, Alberta

Lissette Grobman

Liz Grobman, Alexandria, LA area, Booking Agency/Promoter at LG Promotions/Booking Agency

Lori Nelles Grobman, Charleston, South Carolina

Luciene Grobman

Lucy Grobman

Luiz Gustavo Grobman, Santa Barbara d’Oeste

Lynn Grobman Klaiman, Washington D.C.

Lynn Rubinstein Grobman

Lyuba  Grobman, Hayward, California, CSUEB

Lyubov Grobman, Moscow, Russia

Mallaury Grobman Dupré

Marc Grobman, New York City, Entertainment Professional

Marc D. Grobman, Chadds Ford, PA, Physician/Owner Internal Medicine and Primary Care


Marc Ross Grobman  (1947-) Fanwood, NJ. b. Gainesville FL. Freelance writer/record dealer. Lived in Boulder CO, Piscataway NJ, Brooklyn NY.  Married to Faith Grobman. Son of Arnold Grobman and Hulda Grobman, brother to Beth Alison Grobman.


Marc S. Grobman, Santa Monica, California, Online Grimefighter at Soaptopia and Web/eLearning Developer at J. Paul Getty Trust.

Mark Grobman, Bronx, NY, Purchasing Manager and Fish Buyer at The Lobster Place

Mark Grobman, Washington DC Metro area, Regional Analyst/Russian Linguist, CACI International

Marci Grobman Aarons

Marlene Grobman, Greater NYC area, Site Acquisition Manager at Black&Veatch

Maria Grobman

Marianne Grobman, NIBA Rug Collections, Miami, Florida

Marion Grobman, Ontario, Canada

Marion Grobman Goldich, (1925-2000) Worked at IRS. b. Newark, NJ. Lived in Miami FL, Ft. Myers FL, sister to Arnold Brams Grobman, daughter of Samuel Hershel Grobman and Sophia Grobman

Mark Grobman

Mark Grobman

Mark Steven Grobman

Marsha Grobman, Atlanta, Georgia

Martin, Grobman

Mary Benzecry Grobman, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Matthew Grobman, Stellar management Group, New York City

Megan Grobman, Veterinarian, Pullman, Washington

Melissa Grobman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Michael Grobman, LA area, Owner ATel Business Comm

Michael Grobman, Tel Aviv, Israel

Michael Grobman, Vancouver, British Columbia

Michail Grobman, Tel Aviv, Israel

Michelle Ducharme Grobman

Michelle Grobman Marvin, Scottsdale, Arizona

Michele Maika Berg (Grobman), Marriage & Family Therapist

Mikhail Grobman, Seattle area, Mechanical Engineer at Spacelabs Healthcare

Miguel Grobman

Mijal Grobman, Lima, Peru

Mike Grobman, Roswell, Georgia, Accountant, MG Consulting

Mikhail Grobman

Miles Grobman, LA area, Design Professional

Minnie Grobman, Peoria, Arizona

Miriam Grobman

Mitch Grobman, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Mitchell Grobman, Los Angeles, California

Moisey Grobman, Philadelphia area, Cosmetics Professional

Moisey Grobman, San Jose, California

Muriel Grobman

Neal S. Grobman, Marlton, NJ

24114_1348839393913_6340906_tNeil Grobman (1946-) Wilmington, DL, Educational Specialist and Consultant at T’n'T Services/Author of “Lost in Redskirt Forest.” Marrried to Anna Genovese Grobman.


Nicki Grobman, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Nicoya Grobman, Felton, California

Oleg Grobman, Manager at Samsung, Moscow, Russia, married to Olga Dragushina

Olesa Grobman, Tel Aviv, Israel

Olga Grobman, LA area, Admin. Asst. at UCLA

Patricia Grobman, Greater NYC area, Cross-Channel Merchandise Manager at Smithsonian Enterprises

Patty Alper Grobman

Paul Grobman, New York City area, Attorney

Paula Miller (Grobman)

Pedro Grobman

Peter Grobman, West Palm Beach, Florida

Phany Grobman, Los Angeles, California

Polina Grobman

Rachael Grobman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rachel Grobman, Hewlett, New York

Ralph Grobman

Ranan Grobman

Regina Grobman, Trenton, New Jersey

Renata Coutinho Lucas Grobman, married to Cleber Grobman

Regina Graciano Da Silva Grobman, Philadelphia area, Volunteer, Corporate HR at Virtua Health

Rex Grobman

Rhonda Grobman

Ricardo Grobman

Richard Grobman, NYC area, President at Dan’s Supreme Supermarkets

Richard Grobman, Philadelphia area, Senior Managing Director at Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.

Ricky Grobman

Rita Grobman

Robert Grobman, Greater Seattle Area, Business Analyst at Boeing

Roberto Grobman

Roger Grobman, West Palm Beach, FL area, Security Guard at Aspen Homes

Roger Grobman

Ron Grobman

Ronald (Rony) Grobman, Aventura, FL, Owner, Aventura Cars LLC, President MarJo Group

Rosa Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Rose Grobman, Senior VP at The Corcoran Group

Ruben Grobman, Concord, California

Russell Grobman

Sabina Grobman, Haifa, Israel

Sally Grobman Paascal

Samuel Grobman, Diniz Diniz, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Samuel Herschel Grobman, (1885-1985) b. England. Brother to Molly Grobman Paul (1886-?), son of Benjamin Grobman (1858-1922-est.) and Rose Mazure Grobman (?-1923-est), father to Arnold Brams Grobman and Marion Grobman Goldich,

Sandra Grobman

Sandra Grobman Rosenblatt

Sandy Grobman, Greater NYC, Banking Professional

Sandy Grobman, Information Techology & Services Professional

Santiago Grobman

Sarah Grobman, San Jose, CA, Sous Chef at LB Steak, married to Igor Grobman

Sean Grobman, Norfolk, Virginia, married to Kelly Grobman

Seth Grobman, Weston, Florida, Clinical Psychologist/Owner of Weston PsychCare married to Faith Chudnofsky Grobman

Seth Grobman, Trenton, New Jersey

Seth Grobman Jr

Sharon Grobman Lerman, Los Angeles, California

Sharyn Grobman Korwin, New Rochelle, New York

Shaul Grobman

Shawn Albert-Grobman, Boynton Beach, Florida

Shimon Grobman

Shon Grobman

Sidney (Sid) Grobman, Greater Philadelphia Area, Accountant

Sidney Grobman, Greater Philadelphia area, Law Practice

Sofia Grobman, CHS, Inc., Ashdod, Israel

Sonia Taylor Grobman, Greater NYC area, Ad Operations and Marketing Strategy Professional

Sophie Grobman

Stacey Grobman, Greater Boston area, Executive Assistant/Events Coordinator for Merck Research Ventures Fund

Stephen Grobman, New York City, Chief Risk Officer at Lombard Odier Investment Management

Steve Grobman, Sacramento, CA area, CTO, McAfee/Intel Technologies

Steven Rubin Grobman, Sherman Oaks, California

Susan Grobman

Suzana Maxim Grobman

Svetlana Zotov Grobman

img_1657-0031-e1369000962834Svetlana Grobman, Librarian at UM Columbia, author of “The Education of a Traitor.” Immigrated to the U.S. in 1991. Daughter of Fira Grobman, granddaughter of Raphail Grobman



Sydney Grobman

Tal Grobman

Tanja Maria Grobman

Tanya Grobman

Teylor Grobman

Thomas W Grobman, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

TJ Grobman, Sales Associate at TJ Maxx, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Tom Grobman, Israel

Victor Grobman

Victor Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Victoria Grobman, Chernoglaz, Israel

Vovan Grobman

Way Grobman, Jakaarta, Indonesia

William (Bill) Grobman, Chicago Area, Assistant Professor, Northwestern

William Grobman, East Bethel, MN, Electronics Mechanic, married to Angela Hansen Grobman

William Grobman, Salem OR, Mechanical Engineer at Hewlett-Packard

Wolfie Grobman

Yakiv Grobman

Yali Grobman

Yaniv Grobman

Yasha Grobman, Tel Aviv, Israel

Yelena Grobman, Seattle, Washington

Yoni Grobman

Yulia Grobman

Yvonne Grobman, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Zhanna Grobman Gluckstal, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, Supervisor at IPPOLITA

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